GLA45 AMG Mercedes Benz Spotted


The GLA Mercedes Benz has been seen testing quite a few times and more conclusions have been drawn about it as it appears in less and less camouflage. This is the first look of the AMG version of the car although from the pictures it could be mistaken for A45 class because of the low ride height but there are some clues, such as the back doors, side windows and beltline which make this look far more like a GLA model.
There are some other big differences. There bigger brakes and the front and rear rotors are drilled. The front calipers also appear bigger and there are dual exhaust outlets in a sporty style. The suspension is lower as well. The exhaust sound confirmed it was an AMG too.
The car will not have a 4.5 litre engine. The A45 AMG is called this because it is the 45th year of AMG and it is likely that the GLA model will also do this. This sporty version will be likely to have the same 350 hp and it is possible it will come from a 4matic four wheel drive just like the E63 AMG does.
It is expected that this car may have to wait a while before being introduced as the standard GLA will not be appearing until the Frankfurt Motor Show in the autumn. We should therefore expect to wait until next year before we will see it in public. However, as the E class models were all shown together at the Detroit auto Show, there is a slim change they may both appear at once.


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