Giorgio Announced as Name for Alfa Romeo Mid-Size Platform


Giorgio Announced as Name for Alfa Romeo Mid-Size Platform
Alfa Romeo are working on a new vehicle, according to reports form Automotive News. The mid-size sedan is one of its upcoming models which will hopefully help the brand to pick up. There will be variations of this model as well. This car has been spotted before but it now has a code name of Giorgio.
It has been referred to as 6C in the past which is a name that is likely to be carried over to production stages. As well as revealing this name, which could be named after a famous Italian, perhaps a DJ or designer maybe, there is also a report that the platform will be shared with the Chrysler and Dodge. However, this may not be true as it sounds from the article in the Automotive News. It states that Giorgio will go from Alfa to Dodge and Chrysler but it is probably more likely that it is already a shared platform with Dodge and Chrysler and the platform is adapted from the one that is used by them already. It implies that it will use modified Maserati Ghibli parts but the Ghibli is adapted from the Chrysler 300 and Dodge Charger.
It therefore seems that the only new thing form the article is the name. It is already known that the Alfa Romeo will come in body style options of a two-door coupe, four-door coupe and regular sedan. There will also be rear and rear-biased wheel drive layout options for them. This means that the car will be able to compete with the luxury models from Audi and BMW  once it arrives in 2015, if it is ready by then.


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