Future E-Pace Compact SUV from Jaguar Was Spied at the Testing


car spy photos Jaguar E-Pace Compact SUV

New Jaguar crossover FPace has not yet appeared in the market, but the company is already testing another small crossover.

The prototype that was seen by spies was all camouflaged and resembled the Evoque Range Rover, however that was just a trick intended to hide the real SUV.

When we look closely at car spy photos Jaguar EPace Compact SUV 2018, we can notice that the model has a little longer database and broader wheelspan. When the spies verified information with the officials of the UK, they confirmed that it was indeed Jaguars upcoming model.

The company is known for testing cars in camouflage as it lets them to do the testing of the engine, cooldown, running gear, and other features without risking to reveal any style characteristics of the model. The upcoming version is expected to have a familiar design as the other models in the range.

The use of Evoque can imply that there will be the platform from Range Rover used on the companys upcoming SUV and not the one from the FPace.

The new compact model is supposed to premiere in the end of 2017 and is expected to be available in the market in 2018.


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