Funny Car Videos


If you like cars, then you will love videos featuring cars. We have put together a great bunch of videos here, where you will be guaranteed a good laugh.


The comical car action in this video is hard to believe! There are some great parking gaffs including a disastrous parallel park which will make any bad parking you have done seem fantastic by comparison! There is a great clip where a woman passenger gets out of the car to help the driver parallel park. However, she stands on the pavement with her hands in her pockets and watches him park on the path. The driver that has to be the worst though is the one that tries to line up their car to do a bay park and tries numerous times but just gets nowhere near. Although, you also need to check out the driving refusing to give up parallel parking when the space they are trying to get in is too small for their car. The person who drives right in to a massive puddle of water is unbelievable too, it is hard to imagine that someone would be so silly as to do this. It is actually very hard to understand how some of these drivers have even managed to get a driving licence – maybe they just haven’t! There are also drivers that just seem to hit the largest of obstacles, even if they have loads of space. Some of them just have to be seen to be believed.


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