Front Drive Crossover BMW X1 News


There has been quite a bit of controversy about the BMW X1 and it is expected that the MK2 version of it will also cause a stir. It is due to go on sale late in 2015.
The X4 and X5 have set the precedent for the style of the car and it will have the same front wheel drive facilities as the series 2 active Tourer MPV.
It seems like the company is also considering whether to put together an X1 with an M badge so that they can compete with the 4x4s from Mercedes and Audi. Insiders have reported that it is something that is being thought about. When Audi brought out its RSQ3 and then Mercedes its GLA45 AMG with all-wheel drive and turbo chargers taking then to 62mph in less than five seconds it left BMW out in the cold.
It is expected that the X1 M28i will be put forward to compete with them. T it a tuned up M Performance model rather than a true M division car, but it has been said that it will have more power than the Audi RSQ3 and so it could be the 3.0 litre from the M235i that can do 322bhp.
The entry level models will have front wheel drive as the current chassis which is rear wheel drive will be changed for a new platform. This is the one that is also used for the new mini and the 2-series Active Tourer. The architecture is called UKL1 and it is made of high strength steel so is very rigid but not too heavy. There will be a xDrive option to order on models that have a high specification.
This means that there will also be the option of three cylinder engines. The car will use the new modular engine system used in Minis and other BMWs. Each cylinder displaces 500cc and there can be extras added if required to give more power. There will be diesel and petrol versions of a 1.5 litre and a 2.0 litre engine.
There will be a plug in hybrid version available from 2016. This will pair a four cylinder turbo petrol engine with an 8-bhp electric motor which will add up to around 270bhp. The diesel version will only reach 231bhp but will have more impressive torque figures.
It is possible that people could see the x1 as just a 1-series with a few improvments, but sales have been really good which means that many people love the car. After four years the car sold 161,000 units worldwide when the five door series one hatchback only sold 157,000 units. It is rare for an alternative crossover to sell more than the mainstream model.
The X1 was the best selling BMW x car in 2013 but this could partly be because the X5 and X6 were both reaching the end of their life cycles. However, it still seems that a new X1 could be great news for the company in terms of sales.


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