Fresh spy shots of new Mercedes Viano


2010 Mercedes Viano is equipped with petrol and diesel engines, which will be slightly more economical. Expected to receive a minivan and a new transmission. Date debut unknown yet.

2010 Mercedes Viano

Mercedes Viano 2010

new Mercedes Viano


  1. dear friends: I have now been using a Mercedes Viano Ambiente
    model 2005 with diesal engine 2.2 automatic full leather seats.
    I enjoy my Mercedes except for the noisy enginee and strong vibrations on steering wheel whenever at traffic light. I wish
    to but a 3.0 diesal enginee Viano but for now must wait.
    I wish the Mercedes service would solve the strong vibrations
    on the steering whell while at full stop but in Italy they do
    not know what to do……..too bad for me.
    I use my Mercedes for mostly
    Civitavecchia transfers to Rome or Fiumicino with clients.

  2. It will always be a van, but customers love the badge and it has all the room you could want.
    They must however fix the rust problem. Rust after 2 years is a joke on a 30k vehicle.


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