Formula One Motor Racing Season has Started


The Formula One motor racing season has started and this year it is set to be very different. With

all of the cars now having to have hybrid engines, it means that there could be a big shake up with

regards to who will win the races. The first race took place on Sunday and full of interest. Lewis

Hamilton had to retire due to engine problems and Nico Rosberg was the winner. Ricciardo was

disqualified although finishing second because of fuel consumption rule breaking. Alonso was

unhappy with his performance as well after all of his success over the last few years. There is also a

new driver, Kevin Magnussen who came third in his debut race which was a dream victory for him.

With everything set up to make a very exciting year for motor racing, there has never been a better

time to make a bet on some of the races. You could specifically choose winners for particular races

or bet on which person or team you think will win the championships. With William Hill Motor Racing betting, things could not be easier. You just have to go to the website to bet online and if you

are a new user you may find there are some extra bonuses for you as well. It can make watching

the races even more exciting if you have some money riding on the result and with no clear team

or person coming out as obviously better than the rest at the moment, it can be a great gamble to

have. The odds are all messed up as well, because of the shock results of the first race of the season

and the unknown factors with the new engines and so it could mean that you will do really well out

of it.


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