Ford SUV Spotted – Possibly UK Bound


The Ford Edge is being redeveloped and it looks like it will be being sold in Europe. However, before the European engineers can look at it, it is being tested in the US. Some spy shots have been taken which show it testing before its launch in 2015. There has been a leaked pictures of the European model before though.
This car has previously only been on sale in North America where 400,000 have been sold. The second generation will change this though as the Americans will get European specified Focuses, C-Maxes and Fiestas and the Mustangs and crossovers will be sent to Europe.
The Ford Edge actually had a cameo appearance in the James Bond film Quantum of Solace where Daniel Craig drove it briefly, having taken it from the bad guy; Mathieu Amalric.
The Ford Edge is an SUV which is bigger than the Kuga, It is a five-seater still though, has front-wheel drive as standard and all-wheel drive as an option. It is not known for off-road ability.
It is expected that it will be sleeker than the current model with shorter overhangs. The grille will be different as well, being a take on the new Ford design with lots of chrome that will suit the US customers. Recently a thumbnail image of the car was accidently revealed during a presentation and an undisguised front was seen. The three bar grille from that image can be seen through the camouflage in these pictures.
The car will be sharing a platform with the Ford Mondeo which is already on sale in the US as a Ford Fusion. It will be the same one that is also under the S-Max and Galaxy MPV. These are set up for right hand drive and there is no information yet as to whether the one set for Europe will get a right hooker conversion or not.
The ‘One Ford’ strategy states that all engines will be four cylinders which are turbocharged under the ‘Ecoboost’ banner. This replaces the current US models V6 which is much thirstier. It is expected that there will be options for a 1.5 and a 2.0 litre as well but it could use the 2.3 litre that is used in the 2005 Mustang.


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