Ford SUV Seen testing


The Ford SUV has been seen testing in winter conditions. This was a right hand drive prototype being driven ahead of the launch which will be in the later part of the year. The rumours are that this SUV will be based on a Ranger pickup and therefore will have a lot of styling from this and may also have influences from the Edge concept vehicle. The car pictured dows has a lot of disguise so the styling cannot be seen but it is expected that it is a low end version anyway and the production models, especially high spec versions, will look very much better.
This model was previewed in August 2013 and at the time it was announced that they would be setting new benchmarks in SUV’s but it would be tough and have great off-road capabilities. This was created with the Everest concept in Australia.
The car will be sold all over the world and is expected to be unveiled in the second part of this year.


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