Ford Seems to Be Hiding Something powerful in the New Mustang SVT


It looks like Ford is planning something exciting when it releases it Ford Mustang SVT 2016. Spy pictures recently taken look like they could be of a car with the final body shape on it, although it is disguised.
The car pictures actually has so much disguise it is hard to imagine that what is underneath cannot be anything but a final product. Why hide it otherwise? There is so much on it, that it is almost impossible to make out anything. There is even mesh over the exhausts so it cannot be seen how many there are and panels over the wheels. However, the huge bonnet does raise suspicions. The shape of the camouflage makes it looks as though vents are being hidden in front of it and there is a big bulge. There are also outlets behind the front wheels and so it looks like something needs a lot of cool air. The back has less clues with the disguise giving nothing away apart from the idea that perhaps there is something exciting underneath that they wish to be kept hidden!
The inside was also photographed but there is little to see apart from the Recaro sports seats and the 6,500 rpm redline.
The name of this car is also still a mystery with reports that it is called the GT350 but time will tell as to whether this is correct and whether it might change or not.


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