Ford Raptor F 150


Ford Raptor F-150

It is expected that Ford Raptor F 150 will be completed with 6.2 – BOSS V8 liter engine capacity of around 400 hp.
While the timing of exit models have been reported.

new Ford Raptor F 150

Ford Raptor F150


  1. this ford raptor thing is pretty cool. i wish they could get some pics without all that on it. it sounds like it will be a big hit for ford.

  2. i am definatly getting one of these, the 5.4 comes out summer 09 and the 6.2 comes out in winter of 09. 35 inch tire my god im going to drive through anything….400 hp

  3. I’m hoping this thing comes equiped with stuff like locking front and rear diff’s, and have the option for automatic four wheel drive. I’ve got it on my Expedition and its the probably the best four wheel drive system that I’ve driven.

  4. I just got back from the Canadian Auto show and they had this beast on display. STELLAR piece of machinery!

    Not many are being made. They say about 2 per dealership and it limited to SVT dealers only. (so like 10% of for dealers)

    After the crowd left, we fired ‘er up and I nearly came.

    Aside from the Raptor, the whole f150 line is tricked out with amazing truck features!

    The Harley F250 is an honorable mention as well.

  5. I love this new Raptor truck,but I won’t get to excited about it.I’ve been told the sticker price for this little jewel will be about 60k.I own a GMC older model and it’s been a great truck.I have made up my mind that IF I buy a new truck again I will buy a Ford F150.I do love that design for this year.

  6. you guys do you know you can do a custom order from chevy/gmc and get exactly what you want right? Thats the way to go.


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