Ford Mustang Pictured Showing its Front Fascia


Some new spy photographs show the 2015 Ford Mustang with its front fascia showing for the first time. These exciting pictures show that the new car looks a lot like the 2008 Ford Evos Concept. The roofline though still has a lot of camouflage which goes up above the rear windows and down the c pillar which makes it look like there will be some interesting changes there. It looks like it could mean the new car will be slimmer than the current one, but until the disguise comes off we will not know for sure.
The Mustang is one of the two cars that forms the heart of Ford. Along with the F-150 it is one of their top cars. This new version will be a modernised version of the car which will see the first big change of style. It has pretty much stayed the same since the 1970’s and so this is a big move and very exciting. The new car is likely to be lighter and therefore faster but also no longer have its retro styling but something much more modern.
There will be a new platform, which has a codename S550. It will allow the new Mustang to have a rear suspension that is independent. This was something included in the SVT Cobra form 1999-2004 which was produced in limited numbers. There has been suggestion from the engineers that the car will be as much as 200 pounds lighter than the current one.
The powertrain will have a selection of options. There will be the V6 3.7 litre that will be renovated a bit to fit in the basic models of the car to take it up above the current 305hp. There will also be a 3.3 litre four, turbocharged option definitely for Europe and perhaps for USA markets too. This will have ecoboost and will be more expensive that the V6 option. There will be a V8 option as well which will be the top of the range and will have five plus litres as well as forced induction and liberal modification.
The new Mustang will compete with the Dodge Challenger, SRT Barracuda and Chevrolet Camaro. It is expected that the debut will happen on the 50th birthday of the Mustang which is next April. Prices are expected to start at $23,000 with $32,000 required for an eight cylinder version.


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