Ford Mustang 2015 Rendered

341 have released a rendering of the 2015 ford Mustang which they claim is the most realistic to date. They used CAD images from Ford as well as spy shots, to put together their impression of what the final vehicle will look like. The car is fairly good looking but perhaps not overly exciting.
These renders are not based on firm evidence though and so there is no guarantee that the car will look anything like this. Therefore there are some unexpected things about it such as the missing side scoops and newer styling elements are likely to be added later. The double bubble roof is not expected to feature though and would not be seen form the angle of the renders anyway.
The front end very much follows what has been seen in previous spy shots. The rear is different though, with a louvered design of lights which are quite different to what is on the current model. This is something they have done before though and so may not be completely unrealistic to think they will do it again. There is a fog and reverse light that are integrated, with the fog light being necessary for cars being sold in Europe.
It is expected that there will be a lot more information about the Mustang arriving soon. It is even felt that the car may be shown before the end of the year and so there may be official teaser images being released very soon which will be exciting if it is true. It will mean that before the debut at the North American International Auto Show, if rumour is correct, there will be a lot more information available.


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