Ford Mustang 2015 Pictures Reveal Its new Look


The people at have rendered a picture of the new 2015 Ford Mustang which they feel is accurate. This has been formed using a combination of spy shot images and Ford CAD drawings. This has led Artis Chazcron to put together an idea of what the final car is likely to look like.
Obviously this is all still speculation and it is just a base car design meaning that it may not look quite as expected by some. This means that there are some things missing such as the vestigial side scoops and other items that are expected in the production model of the car. These will include a double bubble roof which would be hardly visible form the angles that these images show and so may or may not be included here.
The front end in the images looks very much like what was seen in spy photos taken previously. But the back looks quite different to these. The lights on the back are louvered and look very different to those that are on the current car. There is also a rear diffuser that is new and has a rear fog light and reversing light integrated in to it. The fog light has to be there to comply with European laws.
There are reports that there will be more information about the Mustang coming soon. It is expected that it could even be shown at the end of December and so teaser pictures may start to appear very soon. These could therefore be well worth looking out for. It is expected that the 2015 ford Mustang will debut at the North American International Auto Show next year.


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