Ford Mustang (2014) more news and pictures


The production of the magnificent Ford Mustang started in March 1964 in Dearborn. It was first unveiled in front of the public in April in the same year. The venue chosen for this event was the World Fair organized in New York. Ford Mustang is the third oldest mode of Ford that is still produced. In the first year of its advent, it was fore casted that less than 1 lac units will be sold. But this figure was crossed within just three months. Within the first 18 months, about one million Mustangs were produced.
Ford Motor is considered as one of the leading car manufacturing brands all over the world. The company has been able to sell over 10 millions of the car in discussion till date. People who have experienced the magic of riding a Ford Mustang still thinks back to remember how it all began when they see Mustangs come out of Ford showrooms. Many people have memories associated with this car. Some of them has indulged in tasting youth with this car. Many have gone on a first date while others have experienced night cruises on Friday.

One can say undoubtedly that Ford has gained immense popularity and has earned a good reputation over the years. It has emerged to as a favorite car brand for millions of people of today and even in the past years. This prestigious company is always into new innovations, trying to give their cars new looks and more enhanced features. The people who love cars always look forward towards such new inventions. For those who love the brand and most especially Mustang, there is a good news. Ford is going to introduce their new Ford Mustang 2014 soon. This magnificent model has everything that can satisfy car lovers. It is a very high performing model and has numerous enhanced features.

For those who love power and looks at the same time, Ford Mustang 2014 edition is the perfect car. When you decide to buy the Ford Mustang you should remember that there are different models of the car. So you must choose the one that suits your need the most. Before you buy the car you should try to gather all the information about it from the seller or dealer. This will help you identify the vehicle in a much better way. If you are interested to buy the car you can always go for a test drive. You can even go for comparing the price of the vehicle with different other dealers to avail the best deal. If you go for a test drive you will come to know about the behavior of the car. You can note how the gear shifts and the rpm changes. You can also check out the braking system and how it take turns.

So you are now ready to experience the next edition of this spectacular car. Having read all these you might be wondering how it looks like and what great features it is going to possess. This stylist new model of Ford Mustang will come out in the market in 2014. This time Ford Motors is not solely depending on its USA based designers. They are a taking into account the designs prepared by designers from around the world. They are trying to prepare a car that will suit the most with the current market.

The new Ford Mustang model has been given a global look. If the company gets the inputs well from their designers all over the world, they will change the mode radically. Ford will most probably shed its V8 engines completely from this new model. In its place they are most probably going to use V6 and EcoBoost. It is also expected that companies like Ford will face more stern fuel economy regulations laid down by EPA. These regulations will come into effect from 2016. some of the people who love Ford Mustang are thinking that their favorite care might suffer from evisceration. This type of thinking is very inaccurate and premature. The design team based at USA will take inputs from the designers located globally and will spearhead the development. All these facts are based on personal speculation. But there is a high possibility that the space of the car will be reduced a little. This will also reduce its weight by several hundred pounds. You will also have to shift to front wheel driving. This is not the first time Ford is deciding to make such moves. If you see back to history will find that Ford Probe had almost replaced the prestigious Mustang in the 1980s. One thing that will surprise the Ford enthusiasts is the turbo charging and the direct fuel engine that works in tandem. This will help the vehicle derive immense power. In the earlier versions of mustang, four cylinder engines were used. But those engines were not that powerful and were also ineffectual. The new Mustang will run on EcoBoost four. This will give fuel efficiency which is equivalent to four cylinder engines and power which is equivalent to V6. If the owner of the car wants a performance which is equivalent to that of a V8, then he will be provided with a V6 EcoBoost. Another great feature that you will find in this car is the rear seats. This has been directly adopted from Nissan N370Z. This car will be a delight for car enthusiasts.



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