Ford Focus Seen Being Tested with a Facelift


The Ford Focus is going to be seeing a few improvement as it will have a facelift sometime soon. This is the C-segment entry level car which will was first released back in may 2011.
It is expected that it will have some of the similar changed made to it that were made to the focus. It is expected that the makeover could be quite detailed. Previous spy shots gave rise to speculation that not many changes may be made, but the photographers have said this time that they feel more is to be changed. This is due to the fact that there is a lot more camouflage now on the front and the back. It is expected that there will be changes to the back and front but possibly also to the front and back lights.
The inside was spotted as well and the pictures show a larger display in the middle and a clearer design perhaps with some buttons changing as well.
It is thought that the car pictures was a European variant of the Ford Focus but it is expected that the changes made will apply to all of the cars, across the world. This means that are expected to get to US cars too. There isn’t a date though but with testing at this stage it is expected that it will be before the end of next yearw hen the newly designed cars will be up for sale.


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