Ford Focus RS mule Seen in US


A spy photographer has spotted what looks like the next Ford Focus. It was not even thought that this car would be on the books, but this mule, which is based on the Focus ST certainly looks like it could be the next Ford Focus.
The first clue is that it has a lot of disguise on the face at the front. The grilles are a lot bigger and it looks like it wil have the 2.3 litre turbocharged engine which will be going in the 2015 Ford Mustang. This would mean that it could manage 300 horsepower and would have 300 lb/ft torque but this could even go up if they decide to fine tune it.
The back bumper has also been modified. There are a pair of exhaust tips that they have tried to hide which is very different to the centre exhaust exit on the Focus ST. The wheels, brakes and tyres are also very different with the wheels being larger at 19 inches. The tyres are super sporty Michelin and the brakes look to have four piston calipers which could be from Brembo.
It is impossible to tell though whether the car will use all-wheel drive or not. There may be evidence later but at the moment there are no clues in these pictures.


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