Ford Focus RS 2016 for $40,000


Ford Focus RS 2016 for $40,000

A new Focus RS is a great automobile for a very good price – $40,000.

A turbocharged engine for 2.3 liters will produce a very high performance. It will develop 350 units of horsepower. The automobile will also have a system of the torque-vectoring that will shuttle 70% of engine’s drafting to a single back wheel and a manual for six speeds.

The motor is derived from the four cylinder EcoBoost by Mustang. The RS model increases the speed much faster and has a more linear delivery of exhaust and power. The RS is louder and nosier.

The automobile accelerates up to 60 miles per hour in only 4.6 seconds. A quarter of a mile can be surpassed in 13.4 seconds at the speed of 105 miles per hour.

On standard tires the automobile will stick to a road with 0.98 g of lateral grip. If you put top rage tires, the force will be greater than the gravitational pull.

There is a Drift mode available on the automobile. The mode acts like a system of smooth turnability. 59.4% of the automobiles weight is on the nose of the car. The torque is preferred to be shifted to the front tires.

As for the interior in the new Focus, the only update happened was with the seats. The seats are covered with a mix of leather and cloth. However the coverage of full leather can be ordered for an additional price.


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