Ford F-150 with Diesel Engine Was Tested


car spy photos Ford F-150

On new car spy photos Ford F-150, which recently appeared online, we can see that the car was being tested with a diesel engine.

The testing was happening near the headquarters of the brand. On the pictures it is noticeable that a new truck is equipped with an exhaust tip Venturi, which is a typical feature of diesel engines. The man who spotted the testing of the car also said that he could hear the noise of the diesel engine.

It is said that the truck features 3 liter V6 turbo diesel that might be connected to the engine that will be set in a new version of Range Rover. The engine will become a residue of two firms that once worked together. In the Rover it will be the motor with the torque of 442 lb-ft, which will produce 254 horsepower.

The engine on a new truck belongs to the EcoBoost family and it is a perfect combination of fuel economy and performance. This is the reason why more than 60% of the customers prefer to buy F-150.

The motor of the F-150 will likely be working with the automatic transmission of 10-speed. It is said that a new truck will be introduced to the public in 2016 Also, it is expected that in 2020 there will be a pickup truck released.


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