Ford F-150 Rumours


There are rumours that Ford is planning to produce old and new F-150 models at the moment so that supply chains and inventory is not disrupted. It has been reported by Automotive News that the current F-150 and its replacement will both be built by Blue Oval for around six months before the new generation car takes over fully.
Mike Jackson, HIS Automotive Analyst spoke to Automotive News and explained that this system will allow Ford to keep up with the demand for the F-a50 but also be able to allow dealers to get hold of the new model. There will then not be a gap in the supply chain while the cars switch over.
If Ford were not able to keep up with supply then it could lead to trouble as their pickups and large SUV’s form 90% of their profits. With such a high demand for them, they need to make sure that they can keep their customers happy. The F-150 is produced in Dearborn, Michigan and Kansas City, Missouri which means that it can be flexible with its production. It is expected that the new F-150 will be debuted at the 2014 North American Auto Show ready for 2014 based on the Atlas Concept design that was shown last January at the Detroit Auto Show.


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