Ford F-150 2015 testing in the rain


Photos of the next generation Ford F-150 have been recently taken. The car had a prototype body and was very heavily camouflaged and so much of it was hidden from view. However, it is expected that the shape of the car will very much be influenced by the Atlas concept which is going to be debuted this year at the Detroit Auto Show.
The most interesting thing about this car is that there is no indication as to what it will be made of. There were early reports which started that it might have all aluminium parts so that it was lighter. However, this could make the vehicle very costly and it will also need to be strong so that it will tow well. They will therefore have to get the balance right. Therefore we will have to wait and see how they manage to get the right material as they consider strength, cost and weight.
With regards to the power train, it is expected that the EcoBoost engines will be used and possibly a V8 as well. There has been nothing mentioned about a diesel engine option but it is expected that there may be one. There has been nothing said about when the F-150 is likely to be revealed, at least not officially, but it is expected that it could be next year at the Detroit Auto Show.



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