Ford C-Max Was Seen in Michigan with New Facelift


car spy photos Ford C-Max 2017

Soon, a new facelifted option of Ford C-Max will be presented to the public. The car spy photos Ford C-Max 2017 that were taken in Michigan near the airport of Detroit showed the car being tested with a new front. The design of the model as a whole looks familiar, but a new fascia in front acquired some features that were influenced by Focus.

The camouflage that was on the car during the testing was very efficient in hiding most of the details, however the facelifted option will probably have a reformed grille and headlights of different style. As for the other changes, they are pretty limited, except for the changed lights in the back.

The photographers didn’t have a chance to take pictures of the interior but C-Max will be equipped with a new digital panel with a lot of displays of custom size.

Engine rows are unknown for now, but models of US specifications are supposed to go with only plug-in hybrid and hybrid variants. The current model has an electric engine with the lithium-ion battery of 1.4 kilowatt hour. This helps the car to make 188 units of horsepower.

The new version is mostly identical, but it is hybrid plug-in with a bigger battery. The car will be able to ride up to 19 miles on the electric mode alone.


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