First View of the BMW 2 Series Active Hybrid Tourer


At the Geneva Motor Show, BMW presented their 2 series Active Tourer but now it looks like they are working on other variants as well. A model recently pictured does look like another Active Tourer, but has a sticker saying ‘Hybrid Test Vehicle’ to confirm exactly what it is.
There are very few details about this model. BMW had always indicated that there would be one and the prototype has a 1.5 litre turbocharges three cylinder engine with an electric motor as well. This allowed the output to be 1890 horsepower and the torque at 147 lb/ft. There were claims that it could do 19 miles on pure electric and could also get to 62mph in less than 8 seconds. However, nothing has been said yet as to whether this will be the same powertrain as used in the production car.
It is expected that the Active Tourer will appear in 2015 in the US and then the hybrid will follow, although it looks like it will not be long after going by these pictures.


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