First Time sighting of Opel Coupe concept


First Time sighting of Opel Coupe concept
The new Opel Coupe Concept has been seen and pictured recently, despite the annoyance of the engineers. The car was seen when it was being loaded on to a truck. From the pictures it looks like it is in a finished form which may mean that we should expect a Frankfurt or Geneva debut. The car was pretty much covered up but a few clues could be seen such as the front fascia, that looked pretty aggressive and the bulging fenders.
Very little is known about the car and the only information released was from Karl-Friedrich Stracke who used to be the CEO of Opel and explained that he wanted the Manta successor to be a GT revival. This car may be one that fits in to that or it could be a modern version of the Calibra. It is not yet possible to tell.


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