First Spy Shots of the new Volvo XC90


The Volvo XC 90 has been seen doing some testing in the cold weather. It is well disguised but some elements can still be seen. The shoulder line can be made out but the smaller details are all hidden. However, details have already emerged about what the car will look like as well as what might be inside.
The styling on this new model will be less curvy if the concept of the XC Coupe at Detroit is anything to go by. There will be concave grilles and sharp creases on this model. The car that was shown did have a racy body style which distracted from these little details.
The head lights are split LEDs and the rear clusters are slim, both of which have been adapted from the Concept Coupe that was shown by Volvo at the Frankfurt motor show in 2013. Both of the cars were designed by Thomas Ingenlath who is the new design boss at Volvo, having come from VW.
The platform is modular which means that it has parts that are multi compatible so that it is cheaper because it is easier to build and repairs should be cheaper as well. Volvo have something that fits in with this model calling it Scalable Platform Architecture. This means that the underpinnings are able to support any car in the range form a large seven seater such as the XC90 to the small crossover or even the S60 and V60 which are little series-3 rival cars.
There have even been rumours that there will be a S90 and V90 model which will be a spin off from the saloon and family estate cars and possibly even a sporty model to buck up the Volvo image.
The engine is being put together in the same way so that one size fits all models. There will no longer be V8 or straight five engines but there will be 2.0 litre turbocharged engines with a choice of diesel or petrol. The flagship models will have hybrid powertrains to give them an extra boost with an electric motor running alongside the standard engine.
There are a lot more safety additions to this model fitting in with Volvos aim to have no fatalities in their cars by 2020. This means that there will be a pedestrian detection system in the XC90 on top of the anti-land departure systems and the radar guided cruise control.
This system is able to detect animals and people in the dark and will alert the driver. This is similar to the system on the Audi A8 and Mercedes S-class. It also is able to detect roadside barriers and so avoid colliding with them and there are autonomous driving additions as well.
Volvo has even said that the car is capable of steering round vehicles without intervention form the driver and can find itself a parking space on its own, although not all legislation will allow this to happen.


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