First spy shots of Rolls Royces upcoming SUV


First spy shots of Rolls Royces upcoming SUV

These are the first spy shots of Rolls Royces upcoming SUV believed to be called the Cullinan, named after what was once the biggest diamond in the world. For years Rolls Royce has been using a standard Rolls Royce gen 7 Phantom as a body with the all wheel drive and engine hidden away.

This is the first test meup that returns the what is to believed the actual body of the upcoming model.

First spy shots of Rolls Royces upcoming SUV

The rear appears to be deliberately deformed for camouflage but the front may very well represent or atleast strongly hint at the actual design. The grill is an actual silver plated grill billiard from a one ton block of aluminium and.silver plated, ever the ‘spirit of ecstasy ‘ mounted ontop the grill is solid silver, abit extreme for a test mule not close to the production version which still has had virtually no information from Rolls Route PR, they have only admitted to releasing a vehicle the call a HUV. The vehicle is also riding on a newly developed chassis that is modular in design and will underpin the 8th Generation Phantom due for release soon as the 7th gen has just gone out of production, the one pic here appears to be a 8th gen Phantom with alot of camolauge, identical in design to the Cullinan mule indicating the cars are what motoring publications and websites are reporting. Bentleys Bentyaga SUV is selling well at with a sticker price of around R5 million fully loaded and available in South Africa, it’s likely the Rolls Royce Cullinan will be the most expensive SUV in the world.


  1. It’s where the money is now. Demand for high end 4x4s is massive in certain markets. Might not exactly warm to the idea, but as a business they would be foolish not to.

  2. Everyone is doing it ,Lamborghini Urus ,Bentley Bentayga & Maserati Levante ,go for it Rolls Royce! Although it looks rather interesting


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