First Spy Pictures of the All New 2016 Chavrolet Camaro


First Spy Pictures of the All New 2016 Chavrolet Camaro
The new Ford Mustang fighter is the Chevrolet Camaro and it has been pictures by spy photographers when it was testing. It was testing alongside other GM products as well, which helps to get an idea of the scale of it. It is already known that it will now be using the same rear-drive Alpha platform as the Cadillac ATS and this is likely to make it smaller.
The new Mustang is expected to be a big hit in this part of the market and then the Dodge 707hp Challenger SRT Hellcat is also making a name for itself. This means that the Camaro needs to be in good shape to compete and it needs to get out there quickly. It will find that the Alpha platform will make it lighter, which will help as the large weight and big footprint as well as the large roof have not been good features of the current car. Currently it is on the architecture used for larger sedans such as the Caprice and Chevrolet SS.
The photos show that although the car is on the Alpha platform it will be closer in size to the ATS than to the CTS. There has been a picture taken of the Camaro next to other GM cars such as the Chevrolet Impala and the Cadillac Escalade ESV which specs are already known so it is a good comparison.
The wheelbases os the Camaro and the Impala can be compared and it looks like the test mule of the Camaro will be 109.32 inches on the wheelbase. This is very much the same as the ATS coupe and sedan and it is three inches less than the wheelbase of the current Camaro. The ATS is very good with regards to handling and this should mean that the new Camaro will also be good. The kerb weight will be reduced as well by about 300 to 400 pounds which will also help the handling as well as the fuel economy of course.
There is a lot of camouflage on this car though and so it is not easy to get an idea of the length and width of it. The shape has also been covered with padding around the back window and C-pillars as well as the hood and back fenders meaning it is hard to draw many conclusions. There is some sheet metal to be seen and it looks like there could be a faster roof line and it looks like the front and back ends taper more than it looks like from all of the disguise. There are quad exhausts on this cat which indicate that there could be at least a V8 SS engine but with a decklid spoiler possibly present and  ZL1 style split spoke wheels it could mean that it will have an even higher performance engine.
There are unlikely to be any difference in the V6 and V8 engine choices but it is expected that there could be a turbocharged four option on top which will help it to compete with the EcoBoost Mustang. It is also expected that there will be a replacement of the current 6.2 litre LS3 engine with the small block V8 that is currently in the Silverado and Corvette. It is expected that there will still be a six speed manual transmission and eight speed automatic gearbox to choose from.
The car will see most of its competition from the Ford Mustang as well as the Subaru BRZ, Scion FR-S and Dodge Challenger. It is expected that it will be some time next year when it debuts although no date has been set it is thought it will be on forecourts as a 2016 model. It is expected that there will be a convertible around later as well and the price will be around the $24,550 base price of the current model. This is because it needs to line up well with the pricing for the new Ford Mustang and so cannot be any more expensive.


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