First Spy Pics of the Jaguar X760 (2014)


The jaguar small saloon car has been long awaited and it is codenames X760. There have been test mules spotted before but this now looks to be the actual car being tested on British roads. CAR magazine had the very first pictures.
The styling looks quite different to the XF in that it has a dynamic and agile look due to the reduced back and compact front. The headlights are LED and are low on the front as well as the grille but the bonnet is high because of legislation with regards to pedestrian impact.
The roof has been disguised with a fake section on the back which makes it look boxy and there is a Skoda Superb rear pillar. If you look carefully you can see the roofline actually leads to a pert boot lid with an upturned lip.
The rear lights are wrapped around the side of the car in the same way as they do on the F-type sports car and the XF saloon. There is a shelf on the cars flanks which is hiding a style line that is similar to that on the F-type.
It is expected that as the car is based on the iQ Al aluminium platform that the Jaguar 4×4 is based on and this went down really well with regards to design. Therefor it is expected that the X760 will be well received in this way as well as it has a similar squared grille, big alloys and muscular bonnet.
The X760 has not used a BMW 4-series Gran Coupe or Audi A5 Sportback template as it could be possible that there will be a four door coupe arriving later with a drop top X760 cabriolet.
It is also possible that the engine range will start at a four cylinder turbo diesel to a supercharged V8 capable of 550bhp. There will be aluminium rather than steel in the body which will save a significant 100kg which will mean that the British built engines will provide a significant performance.
It is expected that the entry level car will cost less than £30,000. It is expected that the car will arrive on the market at the end of 2014. It is likely to be much awaited to with its new styling, and investment in powertrain and chassis as everyone will be wanting to see whether the improvements have worked out for it.
The car will not be called an X-type though due to the negativity surrounding that name. It is expected that Jaguar will need a new name because it is hoping to increase sales even more than the 19 percent rise that it saw in 2014.


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