First Sighting of the BMW 7 Series


The BMW 7 series has been seen for the first time ever by a spy photographer. It was in Sweden doing some cold weather testing when it was spotted and pictures. It is a slim car and is expected that it will be first seen in 2015 at Frankfurt and launch the following year.
It is rumoured that it will be a lot lighter and will use some of the carbon fibre reinforced plastic that is being used on other BMW models. This should help this new car to have better handling and acceleration as well as improved fuel efficiency. It is also expected that the engine range will be similar to the other 7 series vehicles with a V12 option, perhaps several V8’s and turbocharged inline six options as well.
There is a long way to go until the vehicle is debuted though and so there is plenty of time for BMW to work many of their technological improvements in to the cat. This means that it could even be possible that it will have a new iDrive version. These initial pictures may not reveal much, but it is exciting to see the vehicle;e and know that over the next few years, more and more snippets of information should be gathered about this exciting car.


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