First Shots of the Chrysler 200 with new Body


Chrysler is already testing its next generation 200 sedan which will help the brand to continue. It is trying to get rid of the old Sebring, although the car is based on it and bring something new. The spy photographer reported that this car was wearing a production body, which is the first car to be spotted with this.
It can easily be seen that the c pillar that was always awkward in style and was on old 200 sedans as well as Sebrings. The roofline is now a lot sleeker and looks more like a traditional four door coupe in style than a sedan. This implies that they are working on making the design more forward with regards to fashion. On the back there is a sporty spoiler and there are rectangular exhaust pipes coming out of the bumper.
The front looks sleeker in design and there is a bit of Dart sticking out from under the camouflage especially at the headlights. There is also a lower air intake showing which is very large, although the photographers thinks that it might get smaller before production. It is expected that Chrysler will show off a lot more of the styling of the car before it is ready in a few years time.
It is expected that the engines will be the same as those used in the Jeep Cheroke. These are a 3.2 litre Pentastar V6 and a 2.5 lire Tigershark four cylinder. It is expected that it will also use the nine speed automatic will be used for both. There will be active grille shutters to improve aerodynamics so that the fuel efficiency is a good as possible.
It is expected that the next generation 200 will start to be produced in February or March next year and therefore be debuted at the North American Auto Show in January.


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