First Shots of Alpina 6-series GranCoupe


The very first shots have been taken of the BMW 6-series Grancoupe by Alpina. They launched the X£-based XD3 and 3-series based B3 last month in Geneva and are now working on a upgrade top the 6-series GranCoupe, It is expected that this will be unveiled in Frankfurt in September this year.
It is expected that they will use a 650i but tweak it so that it delivers a bit more. The standard version is 450 HP and 479 lb-ft of torque and it is expected that the new version will be closer to 540 HP.
There will also be some changes to the look of the car. It is likely that the front will change and there will be a rear spoiler, new wheels and a quad exhaust. There will be some interior changes as well.


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