First Pictures of the Chevy Corvette Z07


Pictures have been released of a new Chevy Corvette which is though to be the 2014 Z07 high performance vehicle. This will be the follow up to the Z06.
In the photos it is pretty much covered completely in disguise but there are a few clues which make it look like there is a track tuned model under there somewhere.
The first clue to this is the area just infront of the rear wheel well. This looks like it could be a vent in the body work. This mesh lined duct looks very much like the one that was used for the brake cooling on the Z06.
The photographer also thought that the convertible top that was seen on this car may not be all it seems. The Z06 debuted with a weight saving hard top which looked very much like a convertible one and so it could be that something is afoot here as well. It does look convincing but there is a chance that it may not be.
The wheels look very much like those that tend to be different than those on a typical C7 corvette. That doesn’t prove it is a Z07 of course but with the other clues it could lead to a conclusion that it is one especially as it seems they are due a higher performance Corvette.
There are no clues about the powertrain form the pictures though. There has been speculation that it will have turbo power. This would make it have better fuel economy which would be a big plus and Cadillac has had its first look into a turbo charged vehicle to increase performance. A V8 with turbo power would therefore no be a big shock and it could produce around 600 horsepower when the car is finally ready.


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