First Look at 2016 Nissan Maxima


2016 Nissan Maxima At the 2014 Detroit Auto Show we got a look at the next generation Maxima from Nissan as well as the Sport Sedan concept with the aggressive front and floating roof. The production version has now been seen in some spy shots. It does have a lot of disguise on it but you can still see some details underneath it. At the front the V-shaped grille is obvious with small inlets either side of it as well as jagged headlights. A black A-pillar can also been seen which implies that the floating roof may also be a feature on this model. It is hard to see detail in profile but it does look like the creases that appeared on the Sport Sedan are also on this model under the camouflage. There is so much around the rear pillar that it looks like it is there to hide the shape. There is a close up picture of it as well where it seems like it could be less sharp than the concept car. The back of the car also looks like it does not have the angular rear bumper of the concept car but possibly something of a more regular shape. It is hard to see what is underneath the padding there though. The concept Sport Sedan has a V6 3.5 litre engine with over 300 horsepower and a CVT powering the front wheels. It is possible that this concept car has a hybrid 2.5 litre engine supercharged so that it has V6 like power. This would be similar to the Pathfinder Hybrid. It does look like the main features of the concept car will be being brought to the production model. However, there is so much hidden, that it is not at all easy to tell exactly what will be arriving. Soon it will hopefully be out again with a bit less disguise so that more clues can be gathered as to the look of this new model.


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