First Drive: The Ferrari 458 Spider Experience


Red Ferrari 458 Spider.Many people around the world may have driven exotic supercars, but none can compare to the Ferrari 458 Spider. This is a 2012 model, which has maintained a high value all these years. It retails at $250,850. According to the Italian automaker, this is a mid-range super sports car, which is affordable to many wealthy people. The Ferrari 458 Spider first drive experience is a memorable one for obvious reasons that we are going to discuss below. Many people have really enjoyed either driving or being driven in this super sports car.

Ferrari 458 Spider at a Glance

The physical appearance of this car will send your adrenaline surging. As we all know, the Italian supercars come in flashy colors. And Ferrari models are known to love their signature red color. The Ferrari 458 Spider can either be a convertible with a folding roof or have a standard roof. Both options retain a coupe shape.

Climbing onboard for the first time is quite an experience for many, if not all, people. For many, the first things to notice are the racing seats, which are branded with the original Ferrari logo. The overall interior welcomes you with a surprise as the vehicle is more spacious than you can imagine. Parts of the interior are adorned with fine Italian leather.

Feeling the Power

For most people, the experience of driving a Ferrari starts with the roaring of the engine as it comes to life. The Ferrari 458 Spider has consistently retained a direct-injected V8 engine under the aluminum hood. The speed at which it accelerates the vehicle amazes most auto fans.

Although it is not recommended to rev your engine, you cannot help but do it in this vehicle especially when you want to get some attention from your admirers. You should rent one of these cars from Milani Exotic Car Rentals to get a first-hand experience of this 568 horsepower engine.

Enjoying the Technology

Ferrari is not short on auto technology. To maintain their standards, they have continuously looked to the best auto technology and put it into use. You will notice all this as soon as you press the start engine button. The in-dash display and the odometer are all digitized and vibrant.

The traction control and improved suspension allow the car to race even on the curviest roads without losing its performance prowess. Further, the automaker has now added carbon steel brakes to the usual Ferrari racing wheels for better control. Together with all other embedded technology, the Ferrari 458 Spider gives you a driving experience that is out of this world.

The Final Word

Driving this car for the first time is as exotic as the car itself. Although people think that it is like any other supercar, this one is stunning. It can achieve 0-60 MPH in a mere 3.4 seconds. This acceleration will press your body against the seat as the car takes off. Therefore, it is important to be an experienced driver before you rent this vehicle for a weekend.


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