First Baby Jaguar Pictures Taken


Jaguar has a new car codenamed X760 which will compete with the Audi A4 and BMW 3 series. It is a small car, of course, that will be below the XF in the companies line up.
They have been working on the car for several years now and their aim is to have a very good looking vehicle that will therefore be more special than its rivals. It is likely to be a four door coupe, something like the CLS or CLA brought out by Mercedes.
The four door or crossover SUV is the biggest part of the car market and this is the part that they are targeting. The brand director for jaguar, Adrian Hallmark explained in march at the Geneva Motor Show, that this was the biggest segment. Considering size and bodystyle as well as volumes sold, the biggest areas are saloons then SUVs in the segment below XF. He said that because they want to be in a 2.8 million car segment but because there is a lot of competition, they will have to work hard to stand out.
Their car is likely to have some new technology as that is what is being tested at the moment. It will be a take on the XF but with a squeezes glasshouse behind the B pillar and repositioned exhausts. It is also likely that the boot and bonnet ill change and the architecture will be a new aluminium one. It is alsi likely that four cylinder engines will feature.
Jaguar is already making changes to its models by taking out a lot of variation in platforms. Land Rover is doing this by pooling their sporty Range Rover with the standard one.
The next generation XF and XJ aluminium components will be the same ones used in the baby jaguar and also the same rear drive system. This can help to make massive savings for the company in the manufacturing stage where many parts of the body work are the same. Obviously the size will differ on the bodywork but some of the parts can remain the same even if the car size changes.
It is expected that the X760 will have rear wheel drive as well as a four wheel drive option. They have considered a front wheel drive option as well but it would be a complex option to include.
The engines will be four cylinder and V6. Jaguar has a new engine plant planned in Wolverhampton and this will make new fourpot diesel and petrol engines. It will be in 2015 when the first engines are finished which will be right on time for when the X760’s will need them.
There have been rumours form inside Jaguar that this new model will be something very special. A bit different to the saloons that are often seen. Hallmark has said himself that the cars need to be true to the brand and genuine but also innovative. To compete in the segment they need to be the best looking and give a good drive. He went as far as to say they needed to be inspiring. They have to have both the technology and the looks if they want to make the best possible impression on this well established market sector and it looks like this is where they plan to go.


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