Fire Breaks Out Amid 2014 Mercedes SLS AMG Black Testing


The Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Black has been undergoing a lot of tests lately. They have been recently been trying high speed tests as well as testing out the handling of the car and because of its supercar status, it needs these tests.
Photographers were shocked though, when they recently saw an SLS crashing when being tested and then setting on fire. It seems that it was doing some high speed tests at Nurnurgring but luckily both the driver and passenger were unhurt. This is good news as although it sounds pretty bad, at least they are getting rid of teething problems before the car comes out on the market. The fact that everyone got out of the car before it started to burn, was also fantastic news.
It is expected that this car will be producing over 600 horse power and will be stronger and lighter. From the pictures of the burnt out car, that were taken it seems like the superstructure will be aluminium like the standard model and therefore will not have the carbon based structure that the Electric Drive version has.
It is expected that the car will be revealed some time this year and it will probably be a 2014 release.


  1. It makes me cringe to see a car end up that way. Just thinking about all the engineering and money that went into it. I guess it’s better that is happens in testing than once someone is driving it on the road though.


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