Fiat Making Over most of Range by 2015


Fiat Making Over most of Range by 2015
The Fiat 500 and Panda redesigns have been so popular with customers that Fiat have decided to relaunch all of their models by 2016. They will all have the same theme as these two cars, in the hope that they will increase in popularity too. There will be a 500L mini-MPV and a supermini, family hatchback and then a SUV crossover will follow.
There will be a regular hatchback as well as a convertible 500c and a new 500L mini-MPV. In addition to this will be a 500X crossover which is roughly based around the Mini Countryman idea. It will be brought out in replacement for the Sedici crossover and will be slightly higher and have plastic cladding to make it look rough and ready.
The 500XL is next size up and it will be the replacement for the Punto. It will not be slotted in the same market position though but between the supermini and regular hatchbacks. It will be there to try to get family buyers interested as it is in the niche but with the 500 design which will make it look cute and should therefore be more appealing. It will be similar to the 500L and 500X with regards to architecture and be sold globally across all Fiat markets.
There will also be a new range of Pandas. In 2015 there will be a Panda XXL which will replace the Bravo. It will rival the Vauxhall Astra and Ford Focus. However it will not be a traditional hatchback shape as it will have estate like proportions and a high roofline. It will therefore still look very Panda like, despite its market segment. They are hoping to copy Nissan when they replaced the Almera with the Qashqai which was their best selling car, time will tell whether this pays off.
There will also be a giant Panda which will be an SUC come people carrier. This will be replacing the Fiat Freemont which should help them to make their way in to the family crossover section of the market. This will put them in competition with the Honda CV-R, Ford Kuga and the 7 Seat Alhambra as well as other 7 seaters in the market.


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