Fiat Based Baby Jeep News


Fiat Based Baby Jeep News
It was back in 1948 when Willy-Overland built a Jeepster. This was a mix of a rugged Jeep and a modern car and it could be considered to be the first crossover from the company which later became known as Jeep. The name, Jeepster, was then used again in 1966.
It is thought that the modern Jeep company may again be using the Jeepster name for a new product that they have in mind. It will be likely to be based on a Fiat and be at the lowest end of their range under the current Patriot and Compass. The vehicle has been seen from Australia’s Drive who has reportedly seen the vehicle. They have confirmed a similarity between it as a Fiat 500x and it will be available in front and all-wheel drive. They also say that petrol and diesel engines will be available but there is no proof that here will be even a diesel option available in the US.
There is not much information about what it will look like either with just a few spy shots taken. It is expected to debut in Geneva in 2014, so it is likely that more shots may be seen soon.


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