Fiat 500 Fuoristrada and Jeep Jeepster Baby 4x4s


Fiat 500 Fuoristrada and Jeep Jeepster Baby 4x4s

Is there an SUV version of the Cinquecento coming up? Is there a baby jeep being built in Europe now? If it doesn’t make sense at all, then you’re not alone. Sergio Marchionne and his team thinks it makes sense. If the products are hitting on all points as far as design, engineering, and quality, then Fiat and Jeep could have a pair of winners on their hands.
Not such a short while ago, this guy and his team were pursuing a totally alternate strategy. The plan was to allocate capacity in the Mirafiori plant in suburban Turin for a small Alfa crossover and for the Jeep Compass replacement. That’s not the idea anymore.

The other strategy, though, was for the production planners to move the Alfa and Compass to North America, and they were going to make room for the Mirafiori for the next generation Mito and for the new CUVs, which are called crossover utility vehicles. The 500 Fuoristrada and Jeep Jeepster are the cars.

The Fiat 500 Furoistrada and Jeep Jeepster Are Coming Out In 2013

All three cars are built upon the small wide components set. Small wide is about Polo-size, and it sits under the Panda and the 500 Multipla minivan, and it does coincide with all U.S. regulations. It has to do this, because Fiat wants to make sure it will increase its Cinquecento portfolio to seven models which will all be sold in America. Small wide is built on modules, and it is an all-steel front-wheel drive matric with awd compatibility.

The Jeep Jeepster

The Jeepster will be the company’s first product to come in at under €15,000. Does the name sound familiar? It should sound familiar. The original Jeepster goes all the way back to 1948, and the Jeepster Commando came out between 1966 and 1971, and the marquee also had a striking V8-engineered Jeepster concept that came out newly in 2005.

The Jeepster revival project, however, was known as project JJ. This was a basic Wrangler that was co-developed with Renault with Francois Castaling in the olden days when the shadow of American Motors was still casting a big shadow over Motown, and the Suzuki LJ competitor was just a little too basic even for the Rubicon Trail people.

The new Jeepster coming out, and it may actually be called the Scamp when it comes out in 2013, is like a tiny, downsized good-looking Compass versus a sequel of the JJ and the related 1997 icon proposal.

Fiat Going To Ditch The Sedicie with the 500 Fuoristrada

At Fiat, the Cinquecento CUV will come in and get rid of the Seidici, and this is basically just a Suzuki Sx4 made in Hungary.

At Jeep, the new addition to the family will be put below the upcoming Patriot, which will be in the current price and size class. Both cars are four-door only with an AWD by choice, and a choice of 1.4-litre Multiair petrol and 1.6-litre Multijet diesel engine and an available automated six-speed Dualogic transmission.

Fiat is basically considered coming out with a stacked and rugged Cross version and a 160bhp Abarth Esseesse, too. Jeep could end up coming out with a higher output SRT model and an off-road-based Sahara variant too. Despite the similar platform and chassis and drivetrains, both companies will be coming out with bespoke exteriors and interiors.



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