Ferrari to Revisit Hypercar Territory In 2012


Ferrari to Revisit Hypercar Territory In 2012

Ferrari F150 – the Enzo substitution will be launched in the year 2012. It will revisit the territory of hyper car in the late 2012. Also, it is expected to replace the splendid Enzo supercar with a brand new top-end sports car. The project F150 matches an 800bhp V12 to a 120bhp electric motor.  In fact, the age of the prominent hybrid supercar is upon us. Time just flies – it have been more than 10 years as Ferrari introduced the Enzo car. It rewrote the rule book and bought a complete revolution.
In the last few years, we have noticed a wide array of new supercars like Apollo Gum pert, Bugatti Veyron, and Koenigsegg CCXR. Also not to forget top performer Ferraris such as the FXX track, the 599XX and the Mile chili Concept. The next in line is Project F150 from Maranello. It is an absolutely striking new high technology car that has got what it needs to be called a praiseworthy successor to icons of the Enzo ilk, F50, F40, 388 GTO, and 250 GTO.  More about Ferrari’s brand new Enzo – project F150?  Initially, the concept of F150 was planned to launch at the Paris Motor Show 2012.

But because of all order books as well as Research & Development that is exploding as it appears, Ferrari has lately revised its debut schedule. We will see the new 458 Challenge in Paris. The F150 debut has been delayed and will be launched in coming spring 2013. The face lifted F149M is anticipated to be revealed at Frankfurt show 2013. The still unknown new supercar (certainly it will not be called Enzo) is more radically adjusted than any other lane-legal 2-seater. Noticeably low and neither as long nor as wide as (say Pagani Huayra or a Koenigsegg), the new Ferrari concept looks more similar to a silhouette F1 racer with streamlined body. In fact firm aerodynamics is certainly important in this segment.

It is not for the reason that the F150 sets out to cover the 217 high speed of the 599XX but for the reason that the important ground effect air flow. It offers right suction cup road holding. As per Flavio Manzoni, Aerodynamics matches efficiency. He had a team of around 12 modelers and 20 designers. Efficiency does not only signify a comparatively small frontal arena and a low drag coefficient. Efficiency also signifies unmatchable top speed stability that is an important confidence inspiring trait. The aerodynamics help form a slippery shape that makes exactly the perfect amount of down force in different driving conditions. What’s new about the aero package of Ferrari Enzo? It includes chiseled zero-lift end design, connected rear air deflector and flat under tray.

The connected rear air deflector effect is supported by the F1 type exhaust gas routing. Other cutting off agenda is ventilated wheelhouses, unique blocked engine and flexible brake cooling ducts. Though the key vehicle structure i.e. a firm monocoque with 2 connected sub frames comprises mainly of carbon fibre. The concept connects a wide array of lightweight materials and many calorie saving items like honeycomb supports, exhaust system, hollow spoke wheels and sandwich suspension links. Different from the Mille chili idea that came close to 1000 kilo, the F150 concept is said to reach the scales at around 1250kg.

It plans to undercut the Enzo by around 100 kilos. In fact, it is mainly because of the creative hybrid drive train that integrates an electric motor, performance electronics and battery pack. The engine delivers 221 lb ft and 120bhp and the key propulsion source is normally aspirated V12 7.3 liter. It develops an 800bhp, thereby matching the output of the Enzo base RD FXX that was launched in the year 2005.

The complete torque is managed by dual clutch transmission system, an altered F1 track upgraded and differential black box. Well, F150 concept will not be as quick as a Bugatti Veyron. Still taking into consideration the on-demand KERS and power to weight ratio, the new model must be capable of shooting down its rivals. Additionally, its carbon-dioxide footprint seems to be considerably greener than supercar concepts with the probable exception of the 918 Porsche Spyder.


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