Ferrari Testing Its 458 Challenge Vehicle


Ferrari makes all sorts of different cars including race cars and road cars and it even sometimes will make a road car in to a race car. This is what it has done with the 458 Challenge when it took the 458 Italia and made it into a series of cars suitable for racing with. This started back in the 90’s when it replaced various Challenge models such as the F430, 360, F355 and 348.
Now it will be doing a similar thing with the 458 Challenge Evoluzione. The car has been pictured in testing although it is not know which circuit the shots were taken on.  However, the trees lining the track make it look like it could be Mugello and as Ferrari own it, then this is more than likely. The car has an interesting new aerodynamics package which may have been what was being tested here.
It is expected that there will not be many more changes to the car. However, it is thought that existing customers may be able to upgrade their current racers rather than replace the car entirely. This would be rather an expensive undertaking with the current $300k ticket price. It is expected that the 458 Challenge Evoluzione will be unveiled after the Finali Mondiali which is an event where Ferrari challenges other cars. This takes place next week.


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