Ferrari Enzo Successor Spyed


The new Ferrari, successor to the Enzo, has not yet been named but it is often seen out testing. There have been many rumours about the name with things like F150, F70 and F150 Italia being suggested over the last eighteen months, but nothing official as yet. The prototype car will be entering the market to compete with the McLaren P1 and the Porsche Spyder 918 and there have been rumours that it will has a hybrid powertrain that will produce 900 horsepower.
There are not big differences since the car was last pictured apart from the exhaust. It looks like they are nearer to production as there are two pipes which are higher up. The photos are clearer and from a better angle which means that the form of the car can be made out more easily. The shape, which is like the 458 Italia and the large brakes can be more clearly seen as well as the position of the headlights.
Ferrari released some teaser photos of the car a few months ago but they have not released a date as to when the production version is likely to be ready.  The photos showed the car in a much more finished state than the spy shots that were seen almost a year ago.


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