Ferrari Enzo Successor Snapped With Less Disguise


Recently, the Ferrari Enzo successor has been photographed by a colleague of a Ferrari fellow member. It is minimally disguised and the model seems to be influenced heavily by the original Maserati MC12 and Enzo. Considerable styling highlights comprise of a rear diffuser, P4/5 competizione-similar to rear window and a 4 tailpipe engine system. The key specifications are unknown but speculation has stated the concept can utilize a HY-KERS petrol electric system and V12 6.2 liter engine.
This can enable the concept to have a better output of around 686 kW / 933 PS or 920hp. If these numbers are a guess, the car can function from 0 to 100 km per hour within 2.5 seconds and hit a high speed in addition of 254 mph or 408 km per hour. In spite of the final figures, Amendeo Felisa, Ferrari CEO has revealed already that the concept will be made of the similar kind of carbon fiber. This was utilized in the firm’s F1 cars. This must make it stronger and lighter than the F50 and Enzo.


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