FAST CUV Being Worked on by BMW


FAST CUV Being Worked on by BMW
The latest BMW spy shots show a new FAST BMW in testing which is expected to appear on the market in late 2015. FAST refers to Family Active Sports Tourer which is not to be mistaken for meaning that the car will be particularly quick performance wise.
The new model has the BMW UKL platform which is modular with front wheel drive and is the same one which is underpinning the current new generation Mini Cooper as well as the next X1 and 2 series Active Tourer. The design is a blend of a wagon and CUV on the outside but with a large and useful inside. It is possible that it could have the 2 series hybrid system offered in it as well.
The styling of the prototype certainly looks similar to their other front wheel drive models. The look is very similar up until the A-pillar to the new X1 but the profile is more arched and it has a lower ride height than the crossover.


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