Fast and Functional Volkswagen Golf R Wagon Promised


Fast and Functional Volkswagen Golf R Wagon Promised
The range of Volkswagens Golf cars seems to be ever increasing. It started as just a GTI but now has a diesel GTD, Golf R and hybrid GTE on top. There have been cabrio versions as well and now there will be an extra model to join the range.
The latest spy pictures of the Golf R Variant certainly imply this anyway. This is the wagon version of the Golf (at least called this in most markets). The car has a lot of engine options and it looks like there are now new plans for it. The latest spy pictures look like the Golf Variant and Golf R will be combined to make a long roofed, high powered car. This could mean an additional car to their line up.
It is expected that it will have the same 2.0 litre turbo engine as the hatchback has with 290 horsepower split between all of the wheels. There would be more utility on it though than the hatchback has to offer. However, it is not known what markets this model might be available in, but as the Golf Sport Wagon is going to be coming to US dealerships then it is a big possibility that this model may also be for sale in the US as well. Only time will tell.


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