Facelift pics of Honda Civic Tourer


Facelift pics of Honda Civic Tourer
There were previous spy photos of the Honda Civic Tourer and now there have been more taken of the car testing in the UK. This prototype has more sheet metal than the other one pictured.
It looks like it has the same styling tweaks that were given to the Civic Type R concept that was shown at the Geneva Motor Show in March. It has a front fascia that has changed and the grille is very heavily covered up at the moment which was also covered up well in the previous photos as well. This implies that it will see some changes in this area. The intakes look not to have changed but they are disguised and so there could be something going on there.
The headlights look like the ones used on last month’s car but the tail gate looks more upright and the tail lights have changed as well. They are no longer thin and curvy but substantial with conventional bulbs which look rather less exciting than those seen on the last prototype. It is claimed by the photographers that LED versions will be available but on a higher spec model of the car.
It is expected that the cat might debut in October at the Paris Motor Show but there has been no official word from the manufacturer.


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