F70 Spy snaps/ Ferrari Enzo Replaced


F70 Spy snaps/ Ferrari Enzo Replaced
The next version of the Ferrari Enzo was seen tested for speed in one of the German tracks. The body work is half covered with the 458. The rear is covered with a crude material. The front is having some type of veneer. The tail lamps were temporarily fixed just for testing.  This new version has not much large wings.  There is a large room under the wings.
This car is not yet officially named but it may be called Enzo II. The project is FX 150 and the F70 are there in several outlets.
Why the Launching matters: Since eight years the Ferrari Enzo has stopped the production. The vehicles  like the Enzo is playing an important role in the market keeping the name of the manufacturers alive. Only some people will try t o buy these cars and they try to become exclusive. The sales grow bigger and the makers will give the best quality there after. The models 348 and 328 had record sales.
Stage: The CEO of Ferrari Amedeo Felisa promised for the successor of the Enzo using carbon fiber. It will be powered by the mid mount V-12.
The CEO also said that the V-12 powering system will amplify power with hybrid system.  The version of the formula one will give the additional power to the engine.
The back hatch will act as a cover for the V-12 engine which is a housing of 458. From the SP12EC or the Clapton Ferrari the matter is that the V-12 will not get into 458. There are two exhaust pipes at the rear side which will open out from the sides. This is completely different from the center placed V-8 which gets power from 458.
The company Ferrari is keeping the secret but we can expect at least 900 horse power. Some of the power will be from the 6.3 and the 7.3 versions. The rest of the power will be from the hybrid system.
Competition: Sofia Vergara, Bugatti Veyron, Porsche 918 and Jaguar c-x75.
The Estimated price and also time: The Ferrari Company had hopes for getting the next version of the Enzo by the end of 2012. This was the Fiats future plan, but everything is doubtful and mostly it will be in 2013 and this may be in Geneva. About the price of the vehicle it is better if an off shore account is there.


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