Exterior and Interior of Chrysler Minivan Spied


Chrysler Minivan Chrysler has a next generation Town and Country under preparation which is expected to be shown in 2016 at the Detroit Auto Show. However, it looks like they are already getting it all ready from the pictures that were recently taken of it by spy photographers. The pictures showed the inside and the outside of the vehicle. The shots show that there are still changes waiting to be made and there is camouflage on the inside and outside of the vehicle meaning changes are not that easy to see. It looks like they are using a current version to test changes on though and one main design change is harder angles. The back of the minivan shows the Dodge logo, despite the fact that the Dodge Grand Caravan is no longer going to be manufactured after 2015. Rumours have it that this new minivan will have a plug-in hybrid variant as well. Inside there is less camouflage than on the outside, but there is still work going on there. The infotainment screen can be fairly easily seen and the instrument cluster is also visible including the tachometer which seems to have a new design. There is a rotary dial gearshift in the centre console, which looks like the one on the Chrysler 200. It does look like the vehicle is going a bit more upmarket than the current model from the changes that are being done. There are rumours that the price will be going up and so this would make sense in line with this.


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