Expecting for a New Lighter and Bigger BMW X3 Version in 2018


car spy photos BMW X3 2018

BMW fans can expect for the replacement of its X3 crossover famous for luxury and compactness, and this car will be bigger but 100 kg lighter. If you saw car spy photos BMW X3 2018, you already know that it has a modified shell and a lighter scalable design.

When it comes to its exterior, it has longer rear doors and increased wheelbase length, but its overall design will look like a smaller BMW X5. What about technology changes? The next X3 model will have an innovative electrical system, which allows it to offer drivers improved safety, speed, and comfort.

This luxury SUV version will also incorporate a wide range of innovative 3-liter and 2-liter 4-cylinder gasoline and diesel options. Consumers will be provided with 8-speed automated and six-speed manual transmissions by the 4-pots, while all straight-6 engines will be equipped with an automated transmission.

Some versions are expected to have a rear wheel drive, while other models in the series will have an all-wheel system as their standard. The next X4 M40i will be presented only in one month, and BMW also wants to introduce a new M Performance version that comes diesel-powered and is designed only for European-based drivers.


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