Exclusive Information on the 2016 Lincoln MKS


This is the second generation of the Lincoln MKS which has been designed under Max Wolff who worked at Holden and the Cadillac before joining this team. It will be an exciting design that future models will be based on. It is rather conservative with a 1970’s inspiration in the rear shoulder line kink and so may not be overly impressive there. However, they are working at making it look ‘American’ and making it similar to the MKC crossover. There is a lot of chrome which will appeal to the Chinese marker. The MKZ sedan is nothing like it, whose design is futuristic and therefore not appealing here. The MKS will have the Black Label interior theme as an option which was officially launched this month in Pebble Beach.
This is an important model for Lincoln as they need to show that they are a worthwhile competitor in the US> In 1998 they were a top selling luxury brand but have fallen way behind ever since and so need to pick up from the 0.57 percent share of the luxury car market they had in 2012. They will start selling vehicles in China late next year which is the first time they have tried to sell outside of their home market and so they will be looking to impress.
They are hoping that this vehicle will be the start of a product drive that will have a rear wheel drive coupe and compact crossover as part of its range. It will have a smoother and softer style than its competitors.
It will have the same platform as the Ford Taurus which is a legacy of the Volvo S80. The architecture will be that which underpins the Ford Flex and Ford Explorer. It is robust and competent but heavy.
There will be a new Ecoboosted 2.9 litre V6 engine which has a Nano codename and the Ecoboost 3.5 litre V6. The last will be the same or better than the one in the Taurus SHO which can do 365 horsepower and the smaller will do 300. There will be a six speed automatic gearbox with the new none speed box that is being developed by Ford and GM, being fitted in later versions of the model. The base model will be front wheel drive but there could be an all-wheel drive option available with the 3.5 litre having this as standard.
The vehicle will be competing with the Lexus ES, Cadillac XTS and Buick LaCrosse. It is expected to be seen in showrooms at the end of 2015 and the price may be around $41,320 so a few thousand more than the current model.


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